Current projects

Theme: EPOS - European Plate Observing System
Project manager: dr Dorota Olszewska (IGf PAN), dr hab. inż. Witold Rohm (UPWr), prof. Jarosław Bosy (UPWr)
Number (MSHE code): POIR.04.02.00-14-A003/16-00
Duration: 19.01.2017 - 18.01.2022
Theme: Determination of Global Geodetic Parameters using the Galileo Satellite System
Project manager: dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Sośnica
Number (MSHE code): UMO-2018/29/B/ST10/00382
Duration: 2.01.2019 - 1.01.2022
Theme: Innovative Methods of the Troposphere Delay Modeling for Satellite Laser Ranging Observations
Project manager: dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Sośnica
Number (MSHE code): UMO-2015/17/B/ST10/03108
Duration: 15.02.2016 - 14.02.2020
Theme: Automation landslide identification by means of airborne laser scanning, object based analysis and machine learning
Project manager: mgr inż. Kamila Pawłuszek
Number (MSHE code): UMO-2017/25/N/ST10/02365
Duration: 24.01.2018 - 23.01.2020
Theme: Strenghtening environmental monitoring system with microwave satellite signals: promotion of integrated radio occulted (data application of RO mission FORMOSAT3 and FORMOSAT07) and ground-based approach (I-GNSS Platform)
Project manager: dr hab. inż. Witold Rohm (UPWr), prof. Chian-Yi Liu (NCU)
Number (MSHE code): PL-TWIII/8/2016
Duration: 12.07.2016 - 31.07.2019
Theme: Remote sensing in orchards - determining geometric parameters of agricultural trees from laser scanning data obtained with unmanned aerial vehicle
Project manager: mgr inż. Edyta Hadaś
Number (MSHE code): UMO-2016/23/N/ST10/00180
Duration: 14.07.2017 - 13.07.2019
Theme: Precipitable water content (PWAT) as an predictor of extremal weather events in Poland in the light of multi-sources and high resolution measurements
Project manager: dr Marek Błaś (UWr), dr hab. inż. Witold Rohm (UPWr)
Number (MSHE code): UMO-2015/17/B/ST10/03827
Duration: 27.04.2016 - 26.04.2019
Theme: A TOMographic Ionospheric Corrections testbed for Poland GNSS networks based on Wide Area Real Time Kinematic (ATOMIC-WARTK)
Project manager: kierownik projektu po stronie UPWr - dr inż. Tomasz Hadaś
Number (MSHE code): ESA Contract No. 4000119662/17/NL/Cbi
Duration: 1.04.2017 - 31.03.2019